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Sarah Parsons

Owner - Designer





Tuscaloosa, Alabama

A Bit About Me

In 2022, I established 205 as a platform to channel my graphic design skills and expertise into a productive outlet. I remain at the cutting edge of current trends, ensuring that I deliver contemporary and stylish products to my clients. Whether it's crafting the initial strategy or achieving the final outcome, I provide continuous guidance and support throughout the entire process. Feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation with me today.


Work Experience

September 2020

June 2022

January 2023

I began my journey with digital design doing graphic designs for a digital signage communication company and absolutely fell in love! There are certain skills that I have developed such as how important communication is and what catches peoples attention. I have had the heart of design for years before 2020 but that is when the wheels started truly turning.

Continuing to do graphic design, I started doing social media ads and creating posts for a lot of business profiles. I stay updated with the trends so my content is at the top. I started studying marketing and business ethic to eventually open my own business designing websites.

205 Websites & Marketing is here and I hope that you are encouraged to do something you truly love and maybe open up your own business as well! I have studied and put into practice designing websites, stopped making excuses, and just did it. Here we are and I am excited for this new year!! I am continuing to learn and to be the best entrepreneur I can be.

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